Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a fuel for emission-free fuel cell vehicles and will become an integral part of future mobility. Hydrogen power is the only zero emission "refuel & go" technology available to fuel cars, forklifts, medium and heavy-duty trucks.

  • Hydrogen is the simplest element on earth—it consists of only one proton and one electron—and it is an energy carrier, not an energy source.
  • It has the uptime efficiency of conventional gas/diesel internal combustion with the clean running and low maintenance of battery electric vehicles.
  • H2E will support on and off-road trucks, passenger cars, buses, port vehicles, forklifts, and commercial power equipment.
  • Cars will be able to fill with Hydrogen in about five minutes, and trucks in about ten minutes.
  • Hydrogen electric systems have much lower weight than the lithium-ion battery technology for vehicles.

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